Posting guidelines & code of conduct

We want this community to be a fun and safe place where people can connect with each other to explore their sexuality and buy-sell products in the section that suits you. We aim to make this a great community where you are welcomed with open arms and are not judged by your appearances, sexual orientation, or disability.

That being said, we will not allow this exploration to come at the price or safety of anyone else. Its sad, but a few bad people can and do ruin it for everyone. Because of that we must all abide by certain rules and guidelines to keep using the service. This is not another version of the other personals sites, so please don't assume the same rules apply here.

First and foremost, we encourage you to express who you are. That being said, some fantasies/content can turn illegal and/or libelous if they are put forth in writing. Because of that, we will moderate content for things that may be construed as / allude to doing something illegal.

Please take a few minutes to review our full terms. You agree to FULLY ABIDE by them before you post or use this site. These are general guidelines for posting in all sections, violating any of them will get you permanently banned from the site:


THERE IS 0% TOLERANCE on content relating to or alluding to minors, children and young adults. We will report serious violations to the authorites. If you see or suspect this violation, please REPORT IT to us immediately.

Fantasy or 'role-playing' regarding minors is also NOT ALLOWED. This includes any daddy/daughter, mother/son fantasies or any other type of role playing involving minors. It is impossible to determine intent for this type of post.


There is a STRICT policy of no advertisement and no transactions. This does not just mean DIRECTLY asking for money in your ad. Any 'alluding to', using code words, attempting to sell later, or trying to trick the system will get you banned quickly from this site. This is not the place for sex work, escorting, or getting paid for your personal time.


Any content relating to incest (including roleplaying it) is strictly not allowed.


Content that is violent, forceful, abusive, hurtful, harassing or offensive to anyone else, including yourself is not allowed. We understand that some of you are into kink - we get it. However, this is not a place specifically dedicated to kink, so please be very respectful of that.


This is the most problematic content because its exceedingly difficult to determine safe intent. This is not a dedicated BDSM community, so it will be read from the stand point of someone who's not into kink. This is how an average moderator will be evaluating your content. Feel free to express that you're into kink. However, violent or forceful content will not be allowed. For example, its ok to express "I'm into BSDM, and I'm an experienced DOM.". Its NOT OK to express "I'm into BSDM, and I'm looking for a slave to degrade". We can't determine intent from that so your content will be rejected. Same applies if you write that you want to be abused or degraded. That will not be allowed. Repeated violations will get you banned from the service. If you think you are being restricted in expressing yourself or your desires, its likely we are not the right community for you. Same applies to extreme fetishes.


We do not allow the sharing, distribution, or selling of illegal drugs on our site. This includes poppers.


bestiality, sex with animals, or cruelty to animals is STRICTLY not allowed. We will report such violations.


We have started to reject explicit genitalia photos.

Our figures show that posts with genitalia pictures in them get x7 less responses than ones without them. If you want to post some skin, we recommend a torso picture. Pictures with your face in them get x4 more responses than any other photo. Most user seem to think that saving a little something for later is exciting.


We don't allow multiple accounts for one user. We also discourage over-posting (more than 3-4 posts a day). Repeated violations of over posting / spamming will get your account terminated.


These are meant to be local postings. Posting in areas not local to you will likely get your ad rejected. Posting in multiple cities at once will likely get you banned from the service.

Finally, please remember that you are ultimately dealing with strangers from the internet. Please be cautious and safe. Also be very aware of any one asking for money from you. There are a lot of scams all over the internet. Do not share your financial information with anyone or provide any form of payment. Please be smart and careful.

We are working hard to stop spammers will be rolling out an elegant solution very shortly.

Enjoy the site and thank you for being awesome!